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Monthly Archives: April 2019

A helpful guide to Balloons and the Environment

The Joy Of Balloons Balloons are much loved across the world. No matter the occasions, there’s a balloon to match – whether for decoration, sentiment, education or fun, balloons can capture attention and communicate across any language barriers. Simple and effective, balloons of all shades, shapes and sizes are used to add colour and bring joy to thousands of parties,…

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Latex balloons are the latest Kardashian must-have

By Jacqui Parr from www.PartyWorldwide.net Following the news that Khloe Kardashian spent an incredible $8,500 on the balloon display for her daughter’s first birthday, latex balloons have become the latest focus of the Kardashian’s millions of followers. Pictures of the pastel balloon display at the party, which was held last week, were posted on Khloe’s official Instagram page, which is…

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