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Balloons And The Environment

Balloons are much loved across the world. No matter the occasions, there’s a balloon to match – whether for decoration, sentiment, education or fun, balloons can capture attention and communicate across any language barriers.

Simple and effective, balloons of all shades, shapes and sizes are used to add colour and bring joy to thousands of parties, weddings or celebration and charity, company or organisation events, every single day. Balloon are also used in popular science experiments and form part of children’s development through play.

Please help us to promote the continued fun and responsible use of balloons.

Follow our guidelines and remember that any balloon released into the atmostphere can create unnecessary littler. Please help us protect our environment by never releasing helium balloons, and always disposing of balloons, accessories and any packaging responsible.

We recommend all used balloons are “popped” before being disposed of in an appropriate way.